Dr Wexler and Marianne Ault-Riche

Dr Wexler was first recommended by Jill, a friend. He had good reviews and was suppose to treat ‘difficult patients’. His office recommended, for marriage and family therapy, Marianne Ault-Riche. Dr Wexler’s schedule is booked in advance, and I was able to get an appointment more than a month out, around March 24, 2009. In the meantime we started going to Ault-Riche, who talked of Wexler as a ‘magician’ with the psychopharmacological agents.

Below are my Yelp reviews of both Wexler and Ault-Riche.


A useless doctor for an exorbitant price: $1500 for an initial two-hour visit, $250 for 30-min follow-ups. He could not even conduct the initial assessment interview properly – towards the end of the two-hour session he did not know key facts of my history. He engaged in socializing wasting valuable time. He also did not prescribe well for me – I had akathisia, a horrible reaction to a medication, and he was giving me semi-effective band-aids in the form of additional medications, whereas I needed to be switched to another medication (which was later done by a less expensive doctor) to get rid of akathisia. So you are paying for a posh office in Portola Valley, for a cute doggie that enters the examination room whenever it wishes (and diverts the attention of the doctor), and for feeding the huge ego of the doctor. Not worth it, let me tell you. If you are interested in a detailed account, contact me.


She is full of herself, she constantly brags about her experience, of many years ago, at Menninger Clinic and with Harriet Lerner. She also brags about her rich clients, She is insensitive to say the least, she pushes her own agenda without warning you – grossly unprofessional. She made a critical mistake in our case and refused to admit it. I very much wish I never saw her. If you value your relationship, find another couples therapist.


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