Rom Brafman

I interviewed Rom Brafman, another PhD psychologist I encountered in my long and unfortunate immersion in American psychotherapy, after I learned about him from the announcements of the book he co-authored with his brother, “Sway: the irresistible pull of irrational behavior”. I thought that I was given to irrational behavior and therefore the guy was just the recipe for my troubles. I never read the book. Now I wish I read the book instead, and never ever met the guy in his office. The reviews seem to be good. He may be a good author, he definitely is a nice guy, but he is a terrible therapist. He contributed a great deal to the demise of my marriage and family, and through it, to the miserable state in which I find myself now. He could have, and did not, prevented my suicide attempt. If only all those people reading, and writing, positive reviews of Sway, knew what a crummy inexperienced little nothing Rom is in the office.

Here is a short review I posted on yelp:

“Criminal naivete. He is a nice guy but a terrible psychologist. Run as fast as you can from him because his naivete and lack of experience can prove very dangerous – they did for me. He was completely clueless when it came to my diagnosis and treatment. He gave me the diagnosis of adjustment disorder not otherwise specified (it means some problems, stress in the last three months, just enough to bill insurance) whereas I have serious long-standing issues. His whole therapy consisted of listening to me and making some remarks that he intended to boost self-esteem. That was it. This was worse than no therapy at all, and I was at a juncture in my life where I needed serious help, so the consequences of going to Brafman were severe. He also missed me going into a manic episode, and that had very bad (and preventable!), consequences. I wish I never encountered him. Stay away!”


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