Bruce Bienenstock

Bruce Bienenstock treated me from October 2006 through January 2009. This is a short review I posted to Yelp:


A very strong anti-recommendation. He severely underdiagnosed me and consequently undertreated me with medications which almost led to a tragedy. He also offered to be a therapist and in this role he also did not diagnose me, he did not invite family members where it would have been appropriate and helpful, he wanted to have an emotional relationship with me which was grossly unprofessional. The list goes on – a complete NO. I saw him for two years not realizing that he was harming, not helping me. Write to me for a detailed account if you would like.


One Response to “Bruce Bienenstock”

  1. kk Says:

    I am so sorry. I too experienced “grossly unprofessional” conduct with Dr. Bienenstock. Others who landed here by researching this physician should really continue their search. There are too many wonderful practicioners out there who are truly dedicated to your care.

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